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DOMOSGOS posted an emotional letter to the late father's memory 4 years ago. On November 18, 2018, his father would have been 65 years old, but she did not. A severe disease ended his life.

Dano Regosa published some thoughts and memories on her blog."It's my father's day, I wrote a letter, but I do not know the address to send it to.", Danasah posted on his Instagram with his personal account, his father and a picture in front of a fishing boat.

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Dear Daddy,

In the last few days, I've been thinking your gift. What do you want for 65? The cake is a good picture, you have to admit. If you have dressed in, it would have been a sweater or a short sweater. I'll do something with my hand, collage with pictures, and finally a movie, but I will be there for 70 years until the material is collected. Do not be surprised. So I thought you should enjoy the most … fishermen the fate of the world's most voting ferry: Omya River in Kola Peninsula. Cc the madman salmon pulled out! You're lucky to get a Boreal Arora, I want to see something. I'll follow you but I have the fear of the bear. You know you and I are cold

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