Thursday , July 29 2021

Delia Wants a Child: "It's the first time …

Delia posted her granddaughter on a film Instagram with her playing with a microphone. A message has been received with the film in which the singer confessed that he even wants a child.

"OO is clear !!!! There is someone to write my old songs! I think I feel the first time! Gataaaa !!! #amzis," Delia wrote on Instagram.

On many occasions, the artist talked about the possibility of having a child.

"I advise you to advise you that it is a man's innate and good development. A child does it … when I want it is about health and at some point you can give it to someone who can not, maybe Suffer from rare illness or general illness. You can put people in shameful situations, "Dalyia confessed to the show some time ago.

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