Saturday , October 1 2022

Do you have a restaurant or cafe? Now you can use # hashtags on Google Maps to make your users easier to find – marketing


Google has introduced a new feature for the Google Maps app that helps users find places recommended in other places: hashtags For example, if a young person thinks of an excellent place for vegetarian restaurants, they can use the # daily hashtag or if the business location is accessible with a wheelchair, visitors can be # wheelchair accessible.

Hashtags work like online labels. To use hashtags on any online platform, Pepper (#) uses one or more words without any space between them. This hyperlink is made, which, with one click, redirects users to the page where all the posts in that tag are displayed. Hashtags are an easy way to find content about a particular topic and to participate in its development.

Google suggests that users add five hashtags to each review and will put them at the end of the review to make the text easier to read.

The company has confirmed TechCrunch that the hashtags have been launched globally on Android devices a week ago. So far, it has been revealed only to Google Maps Local Guides – a program that gives its members the opportunity to add reviews and photos to places visited on Google Maps.

In addition to helping people find restaurants for their cuisine or dietary needs (eg # salvageers, #revenogens, #cofetery), hashtags can highlight local attractions such as the #locaptresfeliffe (#GoodFourSpace) or a nice place to look at the sunset – #PrivalistPass (#SantAttew), suggests American company.

These labels also have portable portability features – for example, if there is a wheelchair ramp or an audio menu is available.

By adding hashtags to reviews, Google Maps can be a better business presentation platform and maybe a social referral platform.

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