Tuesday , January 31 2023

Does FCSB kick? "We talked, normal, we are roommates!" Solely


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Dennis Mentor spoke to Telecom Sport when he returned to his country after his experience in Euro 2019 and declared that he could play an important role in transferring Gigi Bikali.

With Man Streker Adrian Petre, a legal player in Azerbaijan FB in Denmark was a roommate with US 21 and the FCSB's young midfielder admitted that he had talked with him about the transfer option.

Man and Petre were colleagues in the past and UTA and their friendships were good, and emerging FCSB could be an important element in the transfer of the star.

Gigi Bicali recently announced that Adrian started negotiating with Asebigre for the transfer of Petra and Dennis demanded 3 million euros in exchange for 21 year old striker.

"We talked about being a roommate only … we talked only in the sea. Of course there is a talk between us and we like to be with each other.

Why is not he a very good player, I know him a little, I was an associate with him and I think he will accept it, "said Denis Maine Telecom Sports.

What did the Denis Mentor say about receiving the fans after joining in 2019 and returning home? "We did not expect. We thank these wonderful people in this way, they were with us from the very beginning and we are proud of what we did, and of course we have made them happy too.

We have not done anything, we only enjoyed football, we entered into confidence, and it seems that we have done a really good thing.

After the game (NR with Germany) I was upset, it's normal, we want to get into the finals, I thought it could join these wonderful fans. They have supported us very early and we believe and believe that we can win any match.

I think all the times were heavy, I was getting very good teams and I think we have done very well and have given it that we are proud of these people who have come for us at this time. To team clubs)

I do not know (what's next), I'll go to the club and go to work, I do not know exactly. "

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