Monday , March 27 2023

European clubs in consent of GC Heggie. Will the Champions League and the Europa League be changed?


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The request for a reorganization of the Europa League and the Champions League was repeated by the Association of European Clubs (ECA) at the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on Friday. Even if dissatisfaction is not exactly mentioned, the European Forum should rethink a strategy that will please everyone.

"Everything will be analyzed in the coming weeks, but our members have made it clear that the current composition of UEFA European Football .l tournaments does not serve the interests of most clubs, especially those who do not develop in strong national competitions. Priority for engagement in future consultation process is to work with stakeholders to find the best way to improve.", It was announced in a statement provided by the ECA.

Possible changes can be experienced after 2024. The proposal recently presented by ECA and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has been heavily criticized by clubs and associations. He would like to double the number of teams in the Champions League groups and ensure a certain number of participants each year. The ECA has announced that future discussions will take place in Geneva on September 9-10, subject to possible delays.

GC Hagi, always vocal at UEFA

Gorogi Heggie, the manager-coach of FC Viterul Constanta, has repeatedly stated that teams of relatively small countries are deprived when it comes to assigning teams to the Champions League, the main European competition for sustained profits. In terms of performance, teams from smaller countries, groups outside the top 5 (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England) have to pass various preliminary rounds to reach. The last point to claim this injustice is the Ajax leaders, dissatisfied that, after reaching the Champions League semifinal, the team still had to go through two opening rounds (PAOK Thessaloniki and Apoel Limassol).

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