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Exclusive | Montenegro-Romania | Alexander Mitra was injured

  • Handball, Champions League: Dinamah – Rihiman (Wednesday, 19:30, Digi Sports 1)

  • La Liga, Stage 13, Saturn, Digi Sport 1: EBar – Real Madrid (14:00) also Atlático Madrid – Barcelona (9:45 pm)

Montenegro, Romania | No good news from Montenegro. Rajan Marin (22 years) Monday, November 19th, Monday threw the lead away for 10 minutes, as it was not available in the last league match, and Poggraria was raining, and Cosminde Conradra found that Alexander Mundria (23 years) was not valid.

Prior to the match against Lithuania, Uri Krava's captain kneeled down. The Saturday meeting in Plato did not take into account all that. In the following days, Mitrita did not give peace to the mind, so the medical staff decided that he would not be part of it. Until the start of the day, the contra will determine whether it will decide whether or not the left midfielder will be kept as a reserve day or not. In this situation, Alexandra Maxim will enter into Alexandria instead of Olivieran.

Possible Teams:

Montenegro: Petkovik – Marucik, Simchi, Capitovic, WesoVik – Itanik, Kozhavik – Jancovik, Biniraj, Jovovik – Mugosa

Romania: Tătăruşanu – CR Maya, Sapunaru, Moti, Toisi – T. Baloot, c. Anton – chipchi, N. Stança, Maxim – Tocodeen,

Montenegro-Romania | Two years ago, George Paskas asked a lock question: "Why did not I call it?"

George PascasA player who supports new waves of footballers in Romania, we see links to the future and appear to be a title for many people at night.

Ioin Bada, coach of George Pascaus, said. Bada worked as a "second" in the national team. He worked with "Borod" Erotanausuki and Dummu, a 22-year-old striker. Even though he was very young, Paskas thought that he deserved an opportunity for the first representative two years earlierThe selectors fled to call him when he offered an excellent offer to the team or team he was in. In Georgia, Romania and Lithuania we made a score for our team. Kesar and StanCy have scored other goals.

Video & photo Montenegro-Romania | Podgorica has a slight rainfall! The counter is determined in the morning of the game

Cosmic candra (42) seemed to have decided at the start of the match against Montenegro. So he decided to let the players go on early in the morning. The weather also helped the selector's decision. The rain began to fall on Tuesday morning in Podgoria. Our footballers went on a street in the hotel Images can be viewed.

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