Tuesday , August 3 2021

HIV V / AIDS prevention, public discussion plan

The Health Ministry discussed a national strategic plan for infection, control and prevention of HIV / AIDS on Friday. It provides priority for the use of HIV testing and prevention interventions in priority groups.

According to the basic note of government decision on PEN approval, there are four priority groups.

"Men who have sex with other men – the spread of HIV / AIDS is 18% (2014); Injection Drug users, children and adults – Prevalence of HIV / AIDS 11.2% (2015) ; Commercial sexual workers – 1% (200) spread of hypothetical HIV; Their independence is estimated to be 20% of the people disadvantaged – the spread of HIV / AIDS is 0.2% (2010) ", sources said.
In addition, the Foundation notes that due to the new heterosexual transmission of large number of HIV / AIDS in the general population, adolescents and youth will be given special attention.

The most common way of transmitting HIV and sexually transmitted infections is unprotected sex. Thus, preventive interventions engaged in NSPs should provide access to youths aged 15-24 years by provision of services corresponding to HIV / AIDS prevention, diagnosis and treatment services.

The second project proposal is to use HIV testing as a "gate" for admission to the treatment. Thus, PNS proposes to strengthen free HIV testing capability without taking into account the condition of the insured person, through fixed centers, mobile units and self-examination options.

"PNS provides universal access to ARV treatment for people diagnosed with HIV / AIDS and provision of social services, such as: provision of nutritious programs (daily meal allowance / monthly meal allowances) ; Disability rights conferences (personal assistant, monthly loss, etc.); access to social services; planning necessary services and ensuring case management, "Fa Note ndesana says.

In addition, the draft law proposes to reconstitute the National Commission for Monitoring, Control and Prevention of HIV / AIDS Infection, which will implement national strategies for monitoring, prevention and prevention of HIV / AIDS at national level. .

"To prevent the spread of these diseases and to regulate the interventions necessary to ensure the treatment and care of HIV / AIDS, we need a strategic framework, by 2020, by 2020, the control, control and prevention of HIV / AIDS infections National and local intervention programs and projects will reduce the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of those conventions, treaties and a Yane also respect. Health Minister Sorina pintee said, the international acts on the overall HIV / AIDS surveillance activities, of which Romania is a party.

The funding required for the implementation of national strategy for monitoring, control and prevention of HIV / AIDS is provided by the state budget, social health insurance fund, extra-budget income and other international financing, including structural funding.

During the 2004-2007 period, the field's final approval strategy was made.

The Ministry of Health says that during the period 2007-2016, new population of HIV / AIDS has increased in the number of all population groups (total 7,139 new cases, 714 cases / year averages), dramatic increase in priority group level Thus during the period, there were 4,512 new cases of HIV / AIDS transmission, 1,182 cases in RDI and 855 new cases in BSB.

After the conclusion of the discussion, the government's decision will be subject to government's approval. MEDIAFAX.RO

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