Sunday , September 25 2022

How did the Margareta of Clejani and Julianne Lucia reach the Asian Express?


Culajani Margherita said she was so tired and could not handle the evidence.

"We can not, we are tired, the sun has broken our head and baked us, the heat, the sleep, we're hungry, because we woke up and we did not eat anything," Margherita told the clinic.

In addition, without a roof over your head, be sure to warm food euros per day, are forced to cope with the traffic Magyar Aelius Lucy, it will cost a lot in terms of lost every minute: "I hirr'hukar durantanayan. We have all been ignored because of the bhagyavanalla. We were both young, beautiful, joyful and excited girls Priyayamune expected. But it is not like that. Srad'dhikkentattatumaya us, and what a lot of people there. "

If they were "mentally prepared," they were not expecting the residents to worry, so they decided to participate in the bathing case: "We used all of our powers, where can we get where we are?"

The shooting of the second season, Asian Express, Romania's most difficult reactor, is taking place this year in Sri Lanka and India. 9 pairs of stars earn 30,000 euros and enjoy their life experiences to cross the ivory road. Each pair has one EU per day, and they need to find their food, accommodation and transportation.

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