Monday , June 5 2023

How many gold on earth


For thousands of years, gold has been specially estimated. It has been traded and traded for generations from across the world. For the first time in history, 190,000 tonnes of gold was looted. For an imagination of imagination it's a 21.4-meter cube.

In addition, the 54,000 tonnes reservoir still exploits the earth's geological area.

This metal is considered to be valuable, and like other goods, almost every ounce of earth's mining is owned by man.

In total gold stocks, it is used in a total of 90,000 tonnes of gold jewelery. There are around 40,000 tonnes of private investment. World governments have reserved 32,000 tonnes of gold.

It is true that most gold is used to manufacture ornaments, but there are many industries that use more or less of this precious metal. We are talking about 27,000 tonnes here, and most of these are going to the IT industry. Electronic factories sometimes produce about 12% of tons.

Nevertheless, most of the gems used to get to the garbage dump. 7% of obsolete gold is now in pumps. Thrown out of electronic products containing precious metals. The amount of dirty gold will increase proportionately with the phone and tablet sales.

According to World Gold Council, by 2025 there will be two million tonnes of electronic waste. There are small or large quantities of gold and other valuable items.

With over 20,000 tonnes of gold in the sea, the sea will have a total of 54,000 tonnes of gold reserves around the world. The technology available so far is not a huge sum yet. And all who made it will be the queen of the age.

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