Tuesday , August 16 2022

In the desert of Monsa – new BMW 5 turns into a racing car


Sahara New Bmx X5

The Monsa Circuit Moved In the desert of Sahara. BMW X5 officially presented last summer, led by professional pilot, was an EXO plug package in Morocco's improved track.

In Morsouka, Morozai, those who worked to build a 1: 1 copy of the ancient Monsa Circuit Desert did not receive climate helpers. Topographs, technicians, engineers and architects worked at the circuit for two weeks. The sand storms that were scattered in the area seemed to have happened to them.


The 5,793 km long white and red colors of the road are painted in white and red colors. The above protection layer was similar to those around the original circuit.

BMW Driving Experience Professional Trainer Georgios Porollo was the driver of the new BMW X5. He knew the Italian circuit, but the modified version of the desert was a challenge.

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