Saturday , June 10 2023

LIVE TEXT Hermanstadt – F.C. Botosani is now playing. Penalty penalty opened in Trans-Mill penalty


Hermanstadt – FC Botosani 0-1 (J. Rodriguez 63 pen)

Referee: André Chivellé (Bucharest). Assistants: Ciprian Dans (Sat Mare), Bogdan Ghiorge (Bucharest)
Stadium: Trans-sil (tg.Mures)

Hermesstadt: Craitt – Company, c. Piruussesku, a. Danda, Mijeskovic, Tatars – Cherredico, Dalby, L. Dumitru – Blanor, Taoumou
Reserve: Nica – I. Stoicica, Assistant, Petro Moriara, Antonov, Necklow, Hermageu
Coach: Vasile Mirrortta

FC Boursen: Frause – Pappachi, Miron, Chindis, Chitichusa – J. Rodriguez, Karabo – Golap, E. Papa, Fabricine – M. The Roman
Reserve: E-Patrick, Bracelo, Ongenda, E-Floreca, Corban, FuLL
Coach: Costel Enache

Minutes 63: GOOOOOOL FC Botosani! Jonathan Rodriguez scored from penalty!

Min 46: The second half started

Minute 45 + 2: Break.

Minute 1: The match started!

Monday, 13:53 The competition from Treuguue Müller will be held on Tuesday, 14th, since it was replaced by Fog!

18:30 Andrew Chuvaul and his Brigade went into the field. It can not be said formally. The 22 players have gone home and tomorrow, the most likely at 14:00, the opportunity to watch the field.

On Monday, Hermann – FC Botosani would lose 99% of the time. The referee Andre will be in the Poolletlet 18:30, but the game does not meet the conditions because the fog does not get back and the game does not start.

As expected, referee Andre Chivolett started the game, until 18:30. Because there is no more than 30 mile away. At 18:30, the start of the game will be tested again, but if the fog does not disappear, the game will last for months.

17:22 Today's match may not be fought, but Torgo is staring in the fog in Mura. If it is not scattered, 17:30, the first hour, the staff should wait till 18:00, and till 18:30. If you can not play, the game will be changed month by month.

4:46 pm Let's start teams! At the match bench against the City of Hertz, Costal Nache has been dismissed by André, who might have represented the last one as a coach in Edge Botosani.

The two teams of the summer competed in the competition, with students from Costal Ning 2-0, Andrei Premrose and Mihai Roman II. Sibiu's coach, Miruriu, defeated the opponent in a two-time bench, defeated and balanced.

"If it were a difficult game then I would have been a key game from my point of view, and it was not easy for me to succeed, so I was surprised by their series at St Georges, where they were able to get the point, the center of the leaderboard is very close, while the opposing team is not behind the other competitors. I've met the opponent If you have a good spirit, success, success, and a good opponent with the final results, we expect a hard game, we all need to be at a good level, we can be at the same time and the best things that can give you this moment ", Said Coastline ENache.

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