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Mughal Adrian Surb's notice is one of the largest newspapers in Romania. Digital television


Adrian Sârbu, the founder of the MEDIAFAX GROUP and the Financial Newspaper, said: "We plan to develop digital television in connection with the 20th anniversary of the economic sir publication.

"For us, you are not satisfied with the community and my sponsors who are satisfied with you," said Adrian Surabu, "what have I done in the past 20 years?", Sierra Finaccier (ZF), National Bank of Romania (NB) .

Trust is planning to develop digital television to develop in such situations.

"Of course, you do not see in tabloid television. I do not think anyone would eat this meal a day for a few minutes a day on television and classical, but we are talking about the audio visual universe called the television. Siyaral phinansiyar, we do not say that it is a newspaper vilikkunnuntea or otherwise, there are kidding Namikkum. So in the next years of our Empire, and the more hopes hopes that more and more enthusiasm. I bring this to your colleagues vijayasadhyataykkum after 20 years of continuous sustenance.

On November 16, 1998, "Searle Financier" launched the Financial Journal in an event hosted by the NBR.

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