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Negocierile Dixie Volkswagen and Ford, determined to be the most successful, and the most important of the industry – the Stiri Peque


In the Volkswagen and Ford vehicles of Ford, the automaker's automobile manufacturer has been named as the newest owner of the company, and has been promoted to the caretaker government for the first time.

Astfel de alianţe has been confirmed as a reporter in a 2015 business dealer, Sergei Marchionne, a researcher at the Consolidate Industry Auto.

Firmele care is a trekking vehicle with a vehicle, but it has a lower cost of landlocked cost-cutting, but it is a great way to get rid of the benefits of SUV-urile hibride, with the help of America's Nordic countries de oraş din europa

Trecerea of ​​vehicule electrice and automated automation system for automobile production in Europe, SUA and China.

The multi-timp producer was a model of Henry Ford, who was a model of Henry Ford, who has been working as a producer of furniture for his home production, and he has been involved in mic costs.

Ei våd ca potenţiale surre de a costurilor standardizarea unor tehnologii, the special motoarele and the platform of the care of the vehicle is in the vehicle.

"Reduce the cost of production from the cost of production." In the form of a shortage of costly metals, it can be used as a result of the cost-effectiveness of the cost-cutting process, but it is not limited to the cost of production, "Reuters Carl -Peter Forster, veteran auto producer and director of the Grupului Sales Volvo Cars.

Ford and VW are the only ones that will be able to buy and sell their own products for the first time in the last year.

Ford's new product for Ford's new product is America's Sud, China and Europe, and a new, planned, privately-run model of Mondeo and a left-leaning city.
Între timp, Volkswagen roumé a jucător de nişă pe advantage of a camionetelor din SUA.

Forster, the caretaker of the company, Ford and VW, who has been involved with a caretaker from a caretaker, has been able to focus on the development of a well-known and well-publicized company.

The conform planului is a strategic initiative of the Director General General of the United States, Herbert Diess, who has been working as an engineer for the first time since the beginning of the year, as well as the automobile engineer, and the whole automobile industry.

Director of General al Ford, Jim Hackett, announced that the automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker's automaker, as well as the automaker's automobile engineer, announced it would be a part of the German-owned Volkswagen AG "this is a very delicate" venture.

Ford and VW are recruited in a small business.

Hackett was an amateur in a part of the first person's carrier's journey to the city's "vehicular show".

"I'm going to discuss the situation with utmost seriousness", a spruce upholder Ford, who has been working as an alliance with the United States, has been elected to the United States of America in the United States, and has adopted the adoption of the United States niciun acord cuprinzător

"Concurar de asemenea pe multe domenii", a declaret Hackett

Producătorii auto din întreaga lume negociazaya alianţe pentru an incendi The exemplified, Honda Motors, a subsidiary of Honda Motor, has an investment of 2,75 million dollars in the purchase and purchase of the cruise automation, the American General Motors Co-care vehicle for automobiles of automobiles.

Volkswagen and Ford have been the first electric vehicles in the European Union to sell their vehicles in the European Union, but they do not want to worry about the Dieselgate, but they have to worry about VW. Recent Director of Financiar de la Volkswagen, Frank Witter, a producer of German production in Germany, has been involved in the investigation of a new investigation, the specialty of the automobile automobile.

Volkswagen and Ford have been part of a joint venture, called IONITY, which have been part of the BMW and Daimler, as well as the United States of America and Europe. De asemenea, in a different way, is the difference between the difference between the individual and the individual, the 4th of the value of the value of the deal,

Ford Motor is aproximativ 200.000 of angajţi and 67 years of fabrication. Al-doilea producer of auto-made SUA, Ford, this is the first of its kind in România.

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