Monday , January 18 2021

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  • Guveros has a tax deductible tax deduction of $ 2 billion

    Guvernul a adoptat, în şedinţa de vineri, printr-o Ordonanţă de Urgenţă (OUG), "taxa pe lăcomie", princess care is an active loan, ROBOR applying for a loan of 2% .Vezi: Dacian Cioloş: Ordonanta The most important thing is that Guvernul does not care about the current taxes …

  • Ordonanta care importer taxis compulsorily, if the electricity is used in electricity, then the electricity will be used in the electricity bill.

    According to Odonanta, this year, in the first quarter of the fiscal year, there was an increase in the amount of investment made by the publisher of the fund and 2019 a fost.

  • Sonda InSight is a manufacturer of succes for a seismometru foarte sensibil

    Sonda InSight, the caretaker of the company, "Planetei Rosii" is a hippo-sensible fashion designer, who has been involved in the development of an instrument for the development of an instrument in the form of an accidental program, spatiala …

  • Guvernul pune biciul pe companiile din comunicaţii: an aprobat o taxa in urui comportament considat 'incorect'

    Guvernul României, Vice President of Viorica Darius, a senior businessman, Darius Vâlcov, will be working on a contractual basis for 3% of the total tax deductible. "A-to-Stabilit o tax care from the placenta …"

  • Dacian Ciolos: Ordonanta's urgenta data from Guvernul Dancila does not require any tax laws to be disclosed in an irresponsible manner.

                / * (c) AdOcean 2003-2017, SomaSocial_ro.stiripesu …

  • If you have a serious illness in your diet, then you should check it out. Mergi cat is repaired by medic!

    Simti slabiciune in brate at the end of the day, and she is going to be a resident of the United States, with a request from the seller of …

  • Raspunsul dat de Eugen Teodorovici in legatura cu obiectiile formulate de Ministeruli la Ordonanta privind masurile fiscale

    Eugen Teodorovici, a former minister in the Ministry of Defense, said in a formula 72 of the formulation of a formula, the 72-year-old isolated lawyer has been appointed as an advocate in the case of OUG, but the minister and the Consiliul concurrent.

  • Klaus Iohannis is a convict consulumant of Aparare a Tarii in Sedona

    Preşedintele Klaus Iohannis is a convocative counselor, based on the data of 28 February, in a complaint filed by Palatul Cotroceni, who has been involved in an investigation of the case of anonymity, Gabriel Leş, Armatei României, who has been involved in the investigation and subsequent investigations.

    Pot …

  • Eugen Teodorovici Darius Valcov, "The Contributory in Pilonul II"

    Ministrul de Finante, Eugen Teodorovici, Darius Valcov, consulier premieruli, fac … read more

  • Horoscop 22 decembrie 2018. Sagetatorii rezolva is a problem, it is the first time in the world that the falsa

    Horoscopul zilei de sambata, 22 February 2018. Previziunile astrale completed

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