Friday , January 15 2021

People from Bescasu prophesy: ​​PSD will run away from government in 2019 – news on formulas

PMP president Eugene Tommek said on Thursday that the PSD "will run away" from the government because it has so far ruled by "blackmail and fear".

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"The speed of this important sensation is that once again we have given Romanians the opportunity to see something necessary." The government is unable to present its priorities and can not answer clear things, the economy has decreased, money is in chaos, with total humanity, total and appearance, in Parliament, according to the requirement of the law, time was unable to bring the state budget over time. The opposition is required to complete with all the democratic media of ours. It is waiting for a very difficult time – year 2019 will be the year when the PSD will run away from the government, because it is being held by power by blackmail and fear, the fear is submerged, "Tomek told Aggressors.

He said that the Opposition has the responsibility of making an Opposition option.

"The test of today's motion has once again demonstrated that PSD is dominated by fear, not sitting in polling, voting, leaving it empty. It was an important test for us – all our MPs voted. …) Parties that I have assumed, I have passed, and I have emphasized that at least USR, PMP and PNL, who sign the motion, were in the hall and voted. The other or the other MPs who have not presented themselves, it is important that we have today given the government an opportunity to explain economics, infrastructure, agricultural issues, as you have seen, Sue Densila has introduced it to one (…) There was a duty, we filed it, we argued and, as you have seen, the government is not capable of answering. "Added Tomek.

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