Sunday , August 7 2022

Premier Budget 15,000 Euros a month / month to Dinamo!


Coach-manager Mirza Reddy Romania proposals to be PM "His policy Day it's clear. He also works with any errors that he gets from his trainer. The DNA is given to footballers under the leadership of Redin, which costs € 4,000.

If he or she gets a commission, I am announcing him as the Romanian Prime Minister! He means to make money from a dry stone"He said Alexander David.

In the budgetary budget of the "dogs" president, Innot Negoti, the economy represents a system of economics. Until Puri's arrival, the monthly salary was € 135,000. Now it has fallen by 15,000 euros.

They brought in Thade, Junkie, Andan and Aligi, each with 4000 euros each, and Mandini 2,000 euros. At the concert in Ştefăneşti, at 14:00, Concordia Chezia and five football players will have € 18,000.

Four players in the tournament: Grassov (10.000), Message (9.000), Subbottie (8.000), Delorz (6.000) and football players burned 33,000 euros.

"We admire good players and make them personally, much less money, still talk about commissions, but what about the € 4,000 commission required?" Or phone "
Mirza Reddy, Dinamo Coach

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