Tuesday , January 31 2023

Samsung introduced the phone first. Video


Samsung Electronics has introduced its long-term phone in a conference for developers in San Francisco.

South Korean giants will be able to work on apps for this device, according to news reporters.

South Korean electronics maker Flexible has launched a new technology for mobile device screens. It has been announced by Google to be developed.

Philoble phones, which generally allow users to do more complex tasks when doing tablets or laptops.

The program on Wednesday is especially important. Because the developers have to test it so that new application technologies work smoothly when they become phones in the form of telephone.

Samsung has been among few companies that announced the launch of phones soon.

Although Samsung has not announced a new device, it is expected to take place in the first half of 2019, otherwise new Apple phones will carry it out.

Dave Burck, Vice President of Engineers for Android, confirmed the word in a different conference from California, California.

"We are working closely with Samsung on a new device starting next year, "he said. Burke said.

The Chinese company Huawei Technologies announced that it will launch 5G smartphone on a shining screen in mid-2019.

The last week was against Chinese company Samsung and Huawei. Last month, the phone was introduced with a 7.8-inch screen and a price tag of Rs 1,300. At the end of December, the announcement was made to receive orders.

At a higher price, these products can discourage an urgently high demand, and some analysts have suspicions that such phones have a great need.

Samsung does not offer new phones price details Wednesday.

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