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Son zoster. A complete guide to symptoms, causes, complications and treatment


There will be pain and regenerative skin regeneration of the wireless solar virus.
Adults with lower immune system are more likely to have headaches.
Character – Symptoms
The most common symptoms of wings are:
– It hurts
– In a few days vaccination, burning and beat
– Headache
– fever, twigs
– Gretri
– Pain in the body
Inflammation of lymph nodes
– Especially the chest or face appears on the red-colored heat containing liquid colored (similar to the chickenpox).
Within a few weeks, it should occur or within a few weeks until infection. Then they break, it appears a little sorrel, it's easy – easily drawn, heals itself by forming a crust. Causing the total wound may take two or four weeks to complete, but there are cases that still extend.
Shingles appear somewhere in the body, but the most common areas are face (eyes, ears, and so on). Often, the infected chest chest and chest.
Being a band or pattern on the right or left side of the body is a stripe. The wings that are set out in various parts of the body are limited, but only through a compromised immune system.
Shingles – Causes
Wireless is caused by a virus infectious virus, which activates the wind (varicella). At some point in their life, I can not make more chains than the wind moves.
Very rarely, those who have been infected may develop shineings.
Virus is the earliest exporter in infancy or adolescence. Within the Vasisella episode, the virus remains active in the nervous system in the nervous system of a vein of the virus. However, some people reactivate the virus. Scientists have not yet found a way to reactivate the virus.
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