Monday , March 20 2023

Special parliamentary committees hear the applications for the ASF


The budget of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate was commissioned by the Financial Supervisory Authority Council on the Commission on Economic Policies.

On Monday, Livu dragons said that the current head of Leonardo Bada (turban) offered a new term. On Monday, Social Democratic Party (PSD) convened a meeting of party leaders on the issue of Leonardo Bada. "He explained. MP Head of the Institution.

Although Viel Stephen feels as the new head of the ASF, PSS has decided to support Leonardo

ASF President: Candidates in parliament: Leonardo Bada, Violin Stephen, Mike Andre-Raswan, São Claudia Catalina, Adrio Simononusque, Rudy Thoya, Mirzaia Ursaza.

In this context, the chairman of the PF chairman told his colleagues that he had supported Virell's Step for the SFF head, but a number of social democrats had given a second command to the head of the firm named Leonardo Bada, who retired from his deputy position.

"Last night, I told my colleagues that I supported Violin Stephen, my colleagues today raised the humanitarian issue," he said, "but Bada asked for an ASF application last year, but it is definitely a certainty tomorrow," said Liviu Dacca.

Asked if PDP should support the Lonardo Bodi, the Social Democrat leader said: "This is a document."

Violin Stefan refused and said, "I have decided to go on my own career." "Violin Stephen is supportive of many things and is the only reprimand and disgrace that he has decided to go back to retirement last year," said PSS President, "I'm very valuable to Virey Stephan.

The first vice-president was Dowena Elena Dascula, Mike Andre-Raswan, and Sava Claudia Katilina.

12 Vice Presidents Vice Presidents Maria Botta: Mike André-Raswan, São Claudia Katileena, Toya Radu, Mirza Urashe, Armenu Stephen Daniel, Barangana Laurinthu Paul, Boto Maria Sourin Ovdi, Coca-Constestines Giorge Cornell, Gabriel Gradenscu, Christian Ross, Andre – Livi Stomachan and Mircea Onena.

Barton Joseph, Bolly Florin, Constantin Visionary-Marian, Craccionia Gabriela Lumitita, Diiab Camelia, Girusky Eon, Mark Gaharge, Mitro Adrian, Sikor Aura Gabriela, Stephen Beloii, Woronnisa Marius, Vlasopolje Ovdi Raswan – Nil).

The Board of Directors of 9 members of the Financial Supervisory Authority are: 5 Executive Members, President, First Vice President, Three Vice Presidents, and four Non-Executive Members respectively.

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