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The first response from Rotary camp, announced by Fakbe Dynamo in Bekeli


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  • Handball, Champions League, Sunday: CSM Booker – Bethheim (17:15, Digi Sports 1) Elver – Dinamah (19:10, Digi sport 2)

Jiggy Baikali announced to bring the Disney rotator to FCSB. The uncle of former Deno Player, IOSF rotaryThe first response was given to the statements of the red blue philosopher. He added that FCC's interest in match-winning batsmen is advantageous.

"My grandson is meaning to be valued, but must first come back to the Dornal National Team." Now he started playing for Essel almars. This is for national function.

What is needed for the future, Dutch championship is a powerful thing, no doubt, a good environment for progress, Rotary said,

Ivan of the Bugali list, Rotaria

Gigi Baghali with Dynamo 1-1 after the match from National Arena Andrei Ivan and Dorian Rotaria were under Nikki Dickson.

"When I bring players to the players, players have to play the players, the players do not play, the DNA, the one who escaped from the boulder, they are two players, not suitable for the people.

Ivan and Rotaria. I do not know much, I told you what I want. I can not comment any other. We'll see. They give me two million dollars, and I give them 500,000 dollars. We're discussing … I know that I have to ask a player for about two and a half, and I give him a few hundred thousand. That's how I'm discussing. ", Said Jigi Begali.

What are the belgians about transfer to Rotariu FCSB?

According to Belgian media, according to FC Bruce, at the end of the season, 23-year-old Dorin Rotaria, who borrowed Al Qamar, is doing everything possible to escape. In the Netherlands, Dornin scored only one goal and only 220 minutes.

"Player is not a player who believes in Brugge, the solution from his birthland" It was on Sunday, under the title The story between the rear and Belgian club seems to have ended, and the midfielder against Romania has never confirmed his expectations and now he has returned to Romania in the FSS.

Rotaryus asked for summer in Begali. Now you can move on

Gigi Becky is not interested in buying the Rotary in this season. "MM will be interested in the conditions we can take him." I think I can not touch the torch, but if I want to sell the burges, I'm interested! " He's a real football! Jigi said in the summer.

Now, movement is possible. Although there is a whole set of wheels 1.8 Millions of euros, bikali will try to borrow it, so if he succeeds in the summer he will permanently deliver it.

According to the specialty site, Dorin Rotariu's market share is 1,500,000 euros. In the summer of 2020, There is an agreement with Brig.

Forget the Dynasty of the Dynasty?

In 2013- 2017, Dynamo was the favorite of Rwari fans. The striker 30 Goal reached 142 Competition in all competitions has been announced several times to avoid the transfer of FCB.

"I do not want a transfer to the stove, I will never go. Dornin said in 2016.

Dinan Rotary FC We reached Brugis 2.2 Million It has a salary 400,000 One euro year.

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