Sunday , February 28 2021

The length of the calorie burning time. Keep this in mind

When burning a few pounds, it burns calorie. Food and sport play a major role, and a fixed time. This burning is more intense during this period because you can lose weight.

A new study shows that the body is naturally burning at a time when calories are burned, which is due to sargodian rhythm which controls the internal clock of the body, night and day. This rhythm is influenced by burning calories, especially when resting in the evening and evening when the body is in the evening evenings, 10% more calories burn in the human body. More specifically, approximately 130 calories are burnt in the afternoon and afternoon, and it affects health.

The curaculum rhythm is not only about the desire to relax, but also the complexity of 24 hours of metabolism, a study published in the Journal of Innore Biology. Thus, people with a random sleep sheet may have obesity, including people who work in shifts, and type II diabetes, cancer, or cognitive failure. Even though it does not, the biological clock always works.

"If you have less energy and energy consumption, it will increase your weight," said Jean Duffy, a Citizen in Bruce and Women's Hospital.

When is the calories burned?
Seven men aged 38 and 69 stayed in glass free, handles, telephone or internet labs for 37 hours. What day does he know about him? Every evening attendees went to sleep four hours later than the previous night, this habit lasted 3 weeks. In this way, the researchers observed that the biological time of the body was quite different from the day when the body's internal organs were speeding up.

Everyone participating in this study had to wear sensors to measure their body temperature, allowing researchers to calculate the calorie's duration. The body temperature, more calorie burns. Thus, when the body temperature decreased, calories were raised at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, while calories were reduced at night.

Of course, if you schedule your meals, and remember to respect this program, remember to exercise another important aspect. If you do not go to your gym, each effort, every move, energy, burning weight, burning the calorie's need to reduce the load from home.


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