Tuesday , January 31 2023

The role of family and experts against diabetes


Without special symptoms for long periods, diabetes may be comparatively delayed. Facts Even though there are some signs that are not in order, the affected person and family can not be identified as quickly as possible. And then, identifying a family member with a diabetic is a disaster. On the other hand, doctors and specialists of diabetes take on new cases. To deal with this conflict, the patient and the family need to be supported.

Diabetes is a chain of diabetes prevention. This disease can occur at any age: children, adolescents, over 40 years of age, pregnant and diabetic mothers. Those who are affected by this variation have a different effect on how they affect their lives. Most diets are part of daily routine for glycemic testing, timeliness drugs and proper insulin injections.

"It is not only for specialists in the treatment of diabetes, helps to provide advice to accept a lifestyle niyantranavidheyamakkunna of the disease. Type 2 dayabarrisumulla Once a person enters a follow-up program decided by the strictest pramehareagavidagdhan diagnosis was conducted. Information about diabetes mellitus Educational, food, amenities and physical effort Corn, glaisemik the monitoring, information and education, glaisamik monitoring devices, it is necessary to utilize education and therapy devices for the treatment of drug equipment. All information received from diabetes cikitsasanghatanayil more tests, biological balance, kardiyealajikkal, neurological, ophtalmik, kalpariseadhana test, W The first experiment of diagnostic diabetic patient begins, "Dr. Gabriela tells Elianna Creeyen. , Head of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Disease District in Emergency County Hospital, St. John.

On the other hand, family and friends play an important role in maintaining and retaining a comprehensive standard of living. You will be able to keep the body together from the table, avoiding multiple programs from installing drugs. There are many ways with your loved ones.

In association with the Romanian Federation of Diabetes Association in the St. John The Emergency Hospital District Diabetes Center in New Susseva for Diabetes Monday, November 12, Special advice on a free blood glucose test, risk assessment, healthy nutrition or proper diabetes care at the Hospital Hall.

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