Saturday , April 1 2023

The unexpected statements about Amazon founder and his company!


Amazon will be bankrupt! Even the founder of the company said this unexpectedly! Jeff Bezos, "father" Amazon last week admitted a governing body and admitted that his business could come at any time. He said:"Amazon is so big to break … in fact, I'm predicting that Amazon will fail forever". It looks like a giant lock on the right. "If you look at big companies, their lifespan is over 30 years and not more than 100 years", Said the founder of Amazon.

All the perceptions about how to stay the richest person in the modern business history for 24 years: the focus on customer wishes, from now onwards. "If we start focusing on our customers instead of focusing on it, it will be the start of the end … how much should we retire as much as that day"Jeff Bezos said.

Amazon will be bankrupt! "The company has no great fall!"

Amazon will be bankrupt. This is the firm founder of Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

However, according to some Amazon employees who spoke to CNBCs, it seems that others will prefer the company's future to the unknown. Government regulations and violations of the Arrest Law are in the forefront. Instead of saying something in the Amazon Bass records. They have a large company and they are looking for a sort of entity for any kind of company. "We know that we are a big company and we should be of some kind of big companies, companies or governments,Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said.

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