Sunday , August 7 2022

This is the national rally championship in the capital. The Micai Liu and Titi Gold will stay in the very beginning


Get out of a thick show! The pilots will see the driving ability of the pilots from tomorrow between 8.00 am and 17.00 pm.

The Kislef Bowwad between the Trophal Hotel and the Chef Squire, the balloons that are seen in the movies, through the cultural center organized by Center Hall of Sector 1 at the National Super Rally Championships.

Eric Weber, and Mr Clemor. Mikhail Liu, Rally national champion TT Golden, eight-time rally national champion Bogdan Marish, rallies for the double national champion marks and simino tembestones.

The Alina will play in the end of the national championship

They will try to win the Bupperst 1 trophy Uni Credit Lee Opel's Power. The qualifying certificate is between 8.00 am and 15.00 pm. The final between 12 and 15 players is in the final between 15.00 and 17.00.

The Super League national championship competes with NATO's inaugural season. The third place is after the performance at Targu-Mürres and Creio.

The car show will end with Alina Eremima's music system and the standard moment of Katli Bochay.

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