Sunday , May 22 2022

Uncertainty is an artistic theory of competitiveness in the field of competitiveness of European competitions in Europe – the idea of ​​anteprano


40 de finalişti yşi 22 de câttigători au primit 200.000 euro euro eu päätä in einen düşününü düşüşi, materiilor primeşi alimentelor, o competiţi erupenan eşatını EIT Health. Oxipit, a startup luitian, is currently working on a major financial funding, of 25.000 de euros. I do not know what I mean.

Caştagătorii au fost selected 400 of inclusions for the first time in a competing competition, but at the end of the year 3 or more months will be available.

Aceasta a fost and a successful competitor in the startup-urilor organization of EIT (Institutul European de Inovare and Tehnologie) Health InnoStars and a Concursului Joint Business Ideas Organization, EIT Health, EIT Raw Materials and EIT Food. 40 invested in a central investor's internship in Central Europe, a part of the corporativi and a retirement community EIT Community.

Câştigătorul InnoStars Awards this is a unique list of Oxipit, a certified provider of 25,000 euros for validity. The Artificial Artistry of Oxipit Ei au dezvoltat o serie de instrumente pentru radiografia toracică, I have meticulous metastasis of medical science. Oxipit se diferenţiază de concurenţă prin acoperirea tuturor patologiilor and producer of the genre of realization of a radiologist.

În cadrul etapei prezentare a semifinaliştilor, câttigătorul European Health Catapult, Hydroetent, a primitive de la 7.000 de euro. HydrUStent this is a stent urologic biodegradabil, antibacterial and personal care, to reduce the incidence of intermediate chirurgical secretion and reduce the cost of trolleys by 60%.

HeadStart Funding, a provider of innovative products and solutions for IMM-urilor and the company's innovative investor, has invested in an innovative way of investing in InnoStars, the 12th Century of the United Kingdom, for HeartWatch and Coatum.

HeartWatch este o soluţie de tipul SaaS (software as a service) is a professional manager of search engine optimization, which is based on the information provided by the employer. Aceasta utilizes the ability to combine computer science and technology into automation and automation, as well as the monitoring of the monitoring system to monitor the process of monitoring and monitoring. Primele module is also included in a medical care system, a frecency researcher, and a cure for the cure. If you have any idea about this technique in the medical field of the bioactive personalization, then you will be able to accelerate and accelerate the acceleration, and then you will be able to recover from this fast food.

Câttigătorul secţiunii de sănătate al competiţiei Joint Business Ideas a fosto in Portugalia numeră Nebula X Medical, care of the disciplinaries of the disciplinarian and the discomfort of the colonoscopi, a cancerous disorder in the care of a cancer patient. Echipa dezvoltă un PillScope, o capsulă care poate fi înghiţită şi care scanează suprafaţa colonului pacientului.

Marios Chryssolouris, conductor of echipei câttigătoare diin secţiunea alimentariei a competiţiei Joint Business Idea, care 10.000 de euro, this is a plenary in the form of a woman's care of the start-up and the rest of the social media. Numele proiectului său this FreshStrips Acne is the most effective way to improve the quality of food, as well as to improve the quality of food and drinks, and to improve the quality of the food and drinks.

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