Monday , May 29 2023

UPDATE: A serious incident on the Braille Mall. Patients are stable in the hospital. The stab is now working


UPDATE: Victims are hospitalized. The stab is now working

Six people are in hospital: 4 adults and two children. There are 3 adults and 2 minors in a stable state with politicalization from road accidents. Though doctors continue their investigation, it is important that 5 strokes are not serious. The stigma is in the operating room now. Other witness claims that the SOS car festival will take place. Basu was just a mere seller. In the roundabout of Casus, the vandener is being pumped up and taken out of the car. He then participated in the mad people.

UPDATE: A serious incident on the Braille Mall. "There must have blood in this country!"

In a recent witness at the Briilla Mall, who inspired the world's most violent attacks, one witness testified, "One in a car, drinking alcohol or drinking or drinking alcohol," is this.

Another person told us that he had tried three times to enter the hypermarket, but at the entrance, the concrete pillars were probably the most robust looting in the Braille. Interacting with someone in the next terrace, contact keys were removed. Until the police arrived, he stormed him while he was trying to save the Witnesses from the cross. Other details come to the editorial board: I wanted to buy that car, so he met with Kasauz at the merchant. I would have tried to prove it. When it came back, I did not know why, Vendor was stabbed and ran to the car. When the belt entered the Zoological Garden, he went to the first victims, two, and "bullet" to the carfire.

Serious incident in Braila Mall A man in a car

When a person came to the entrance door of Karafipur Varasuraala, the authorities were unknown. From the first information, there are 5 victims, one of which is worse. One of the sources suggests that one can argue with another person in Causoleau, who stab him, steal, steal, and pursue Carrify with the thought of hurting innocent people. Others report drug trafficking, but only this theory can be analyzed. Here is the IPJ Braille version: "After a confrontation with the car, a 20-year-old man from Brazil was stabbed in the district of Kaszu, where he went to the city center and joined a group of pedestrians and joined a group of people in a mall park, blocking it". We'll come back.

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