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Virginia Rucci and Eion Titak are the new coach of simon helip: "Andre Paval's difference is excluded" | Other sports, other sports, sports, tennis, last hour, last hour

Simon Hall manager Virginia Russicci said all varieties of romantic sports coach would be considered. But patience is needed to make a good decision.

"The situation is a little unexpected, abhutapurvamayatan, because it never occurred to her. But after four years of collaboration, it is logical that some relationships end. It seems to me, is very adaramayi Darren decision. After traveling around the world before the seven-year simeanayeateappam after four years, to take care of the family of the Prophet Are laid. I will go ahead and honor and life for Simon darensinu.

What next? This news is new, give me time and you'll find when you organize. I do not know if the next coach is Romanian or foreign. We'll consider all the possibilities we've already offered, and some others we're looking for. So it's a lot of patience, "the former tennis player said.

Rujici coach dropped out of his new collaboration with Andrei Pavel: "Andre is busy, now working with Marías cop so it does not exist".

The former tennis player is well optimized for the results of Simon Hallop. He admits that the beginning of the year will be a difficult one. "Simona has been optimistic and is still number one in the world for the second year, she can believe, be healthy and trained, and last year she won a grand slam, winning twice in 2019. She would be a difficult time since she did not play because of pain. Very good Wimbledon is a good goal, but to get a big boost, you need to have a good season on every surface, all of them wait patiently and do not criticize a match, "Russi said.

Tennis star Ian Tirey said on Wednesday. Simona Hollap, ranked third in WTA ranking, is a better psychologist than a physically active member. Direct health effects from time to time are insufficient. At the age of 14-15.

"There are a lot of plus halipp Chan said, but he had some problems. Before her issues with 10 or more years ago, and she has to work pathikkanayilla 14-15 years. Quantitative, gunaparamalla. He has more skills. You must provide compensation to you in a lot of other kalivullappeal. She saririkasesi were N Manasikareagamunt a strong fear of it. And, he thinks saririkakaryannalekkuricc difficult times. Going to saririkavisayattinappurattekk mind, but the physician breaks from time to time, "said tirakk.

"The coach is number one in the world for 22-23 years, but maybe that coach was fortunate, but I was probably going to have a coach, And he's the same way, p It's very late for me to come again but I have been working for 25 years and I'm going to give her a coach pen, but I do not know any coaches I do not know, Honestly, Darren tending He knew he had received. He was one of the few mock them, and they took 2-3 players. But today is a very lalitamalla. Sport has been changed, the world has changed, so I do not have the names of the coaches, "he explained.

"I do not know what coach we choose, Simona knows better, I told him that I do not need a coach, when I play, there was a woman in the corner, I was inspired … I'm joking, but if you're the number one in the world, you do not need a coach Scheduling can be adjusted, but ten I know what to do Simona hello like Nice, I misjudge her again, go for refeals, I'm angry, she knows how to play tennis, she does not need, "she says.

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