Wednesday , July 6 2022

Vitamin D and fish oil are both cancer and heart disease


If you think Vitamin D and Fish Oil Supplements are against cancer and heart disease, scientists have a different opinion.

An independent study in the American Congress of Cardiology (organized by the American Cardiology Association) shows that the drugs containing omega-3 or vitamin D are not a major achievement in preventing cancers or cardiovascular diseases.

"Vitamin D sellers are encouraging this," says a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. But Vitamin D "did not do anything good," says Dr. James Stein. The cardiologist at Wisconsin-Madison University says.

In the study, 26,000 healthy adults got vitamin D supplements or fish supplements for five years. The researchers noted that subsidies are less expensive for cancer and cardiovascular development.

However, things are not black. Researchers have found that 25% of people with vitamin D supplements have less chance of developing cancers.

In addition, too much vitamin D in the body can increase the likelihood of kidney stones, in some cases, the face or blood vessels can cause problems.

Fish oil helps prevent infarction or blood vessels and stimulates brain function. Naturally, it is advisable to consume it naturally.

Even if scientists find the alarm signal, they all remind themselves of a golden rule – control of everything.

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