Thursday , January 28 2021

Vooria Dancil, Declaration of Resignation. What does Premier say?

Danil says that last year's attacks have made it stronger and more credible.

"The country can not be helped by the Romanian war against the Roman people, because, in fact, this is a permanent war in 2018. Year 2018 was one of the most disturbed years, I think never in the history of this country did the prime minister attack Was not much offended, he was not often asked to resign and did not try so much in government activity, according to NewsR., Prime Minister Tuesday evening at Antena 3 was either stopped, inspire, goals are prevented from execution.

Voorika Denisla asserted that "in any case" will not resign ".

Deniala said that if there is a consensus 2018 could be a better year, "If we understand that outside of the war, we are thinking from the point of view of political parties, the country is more important and we should not tolerate this war for the country and for Brussels Not exported. "

"Unfortunately, this happened in 2018, which caused damage to the image of Romania, because I said seven times that the demand for resignation was always unsatisfied. I can not make people down, I can not disappoint those who believe in me. And those who believe that I can change things. I was not able to disappoint my colleagues and colleagues, and first of all I was born in Romania Do not disappoint the Rio, to show that a prominent woman can be so weak that at the slightest obstruction or unclear request (…) strong and trust me. If I am a little unclear about this approach before, I now have more confidence I have more confidence in my team and in any case I will not resign. "

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