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Weather news host from PROTV is "isolated" in intensive therapy


On Tuesday afternoon, Florin Buzzoo suffered heavy cardiac arrest after an exhibition at Olivio Philharmon in Creio. A SUUWW team reached the scene. He redefined 40 for good acting. He was rushed to a hospital. (You earn quicker money) Now, after bringing it to the capital, PRO TV is being "isolated" for the weather news anchor intensive care unit. CANCAN.RO, no site. You first introduce Romania's 1, the flags of the famous actress. (READ AND LOVE CATTLE BOTEZZATU, CHINA "PRIVATE" IN MISS FOOTAGE)

Emergency hospital at Craiova, Florida, had been hospitalized by Paul Tuscany and Uugen Tyranne. PRO stuck a stunt on TV. Subsequently, the actor decided to take a SUUUVR helicopter to the bureau.(Engage and get $ 10,000 a month!) On Wednesday afternoon, the plane landed at the Morris Fire Detachment, the capital. Elisaku Hospital, Fundney Hospital. (Write, here: CANCAN.RO "The King of the Sites" in Rome!)

"Strictly prohibited access"

CANCAN.RO from Roman, Site 1, Showcases the first impressions of the best weather news anchor Showroom show from PRO TV. Behind some white gates written in uppercase letters: "Strictly prohibited access", PRO TV The star has a reserved consideration.(Best Videogame Studio in Bookert)

Now Florin Busuque is in Inain Care Unit of Fountain Hospital. (Great after Brady & Ljodic's first flick!)

Florin Busuookuk is a law school

Doctors call home

In the case of Floren Buzouzki the incredible information emerged. One of the two doctors who escaped into an operating room, Uugen Thierren, lives there. No hospitals, because he is unemployed.

Immediately, he performed surgery on the surgery room and was undergoing a surgery with two young doctors Eugen Taryanu and Paul Traskie. Doctor of the Department of Cardiology at Creio Emergency attempted to intervene.(Outside: The heroine of the lambbon in the bunker)

The first of the doctors lives there. At the age of 30, Zerone agreed to join her colleague, Dr. Paul Traska, to enter the surgery room. The intervention lasted for 10 minutes, there was no problem. (Get your dream car in a few months!)

In 1996, Florin Buzzoo made his debut on television

Floren Busuzzi was born on May 19, 1962 in Hunedara. He has grown here, and in the village of Schmömist, in Nemat County. An artist is more interested than an actor. Even though the actor's dream has come to bikerate. In 1996, he made his television debut "Busu". In 2010, the European Society of Meteorology was selected as one of the best weather forecasts.(Read: Developed in Manwar DNA terminal case)

"We started with the TRR as "Tip-Top MinuteTo" in connection with the children's display. I made a hotel for the movie TRR. Very good picture. The producers of the tip-top mintop have commented on me. It took a few years for the show. There we introduced parallel programs for the children on TRR. The show continued after I left"TV anchor for said.

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