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Women with higher risk of breast cancer

According to the latest data released by the World Health Organization, cancer is the most affected global population.

Diseases therefore account for 18.1 million and 9.6 million deaths in 2018.

The second cause of mortality is the result of a heart attack. But experts say with predictable news: 30 to 50 percent of cancers can be prevented from a healthy life.

Smoking, balanced diet, moderate motion, and compliance of proven medical parameters can also reduce the risk of cancer.

The number of breast cancer patients and cervical cancer is the fourth. Two types of cancer patients can be treated properly without losing some important medical tests every year.

"Breastfeeding mothers after 50 years should have an ultrasound without an adult or an annual mammogram.

Breast screening and under 50 years of Hondorarchative History (ie grade 1 or grade 2 relatives for women with breast cancer or overhead cancers)

A breastfeeding woman with breast cancer is 40 times more common in the population.

In addition to ultrasound and mammography, breast implantation is very important. I believe I should not avoid self-inspections because many people are coming after the discovery of the automatic "nodules" Andrei Pattuklus, the head of the medical oncology department at the OCC card hospital said.

How to prevent cervical cancer?

Vaccination against HGV can prevent obesity when it comes to cervical cancer. Annual gynecological testing and pap smear may help to raise deadly injuries after 21 years.

Physician is racial: Do not be neglected abortions! In addition, they promote the function of state of the art analysis, such as the Pap test in fluid medium.

"The exam in liquid media is very accurate, because a large percentage of sets on liquid media will be selected to analyze the anato-pathologist.

Thus, if there are more cell objects, the result is more precise. But if it is done right after year, classical experiments are good because they can make changes to the server.

The problem is that they have not done everything, because they are not shown in the medical service. There are very few women to go to gynecologist to check regularly every year. Oncologist says.

Dr Seetharaman said that there were many diseases of advanced chlorotic cancer. Patrulkus agrees. That's 70 percent of his tests. Many youths come into such a situation. At the altitude, many medical professionals report oncology.

"There are also Cervical Cancer that HPV does not provide, but most people have an HPV infection. 16 and 18 HPV strikes are the most aggressive. In most cases, if the infection is not observed or monitored, it occurs in the development of cancer.

In cervical cancer, symptoms appear in its evolution. Bleeding – bleeding, back pain – is a widespread disease. Therefore, gynecologic tests should be prepared periodically and should be detected early.

Cancer Cancer Cancer. Dr. Andrea Patriles finished.

Breast Cancer – How Disease Affects

Even a bigger doctor of adults is even 12 cm. Many breast cancers grow slowly, even in seven years, according to the OCOCOCULATORS.

At all times, ultrasound and mammography can be diagnosed and diagnosed in the most effective treatments for doctors. These are founded after biodiesel, which is essential for the treatment of cancers, but many people are suspecting.

"It is believed that if it is a tumor biopsy next, it is" scattered "to use the patient's language.

Unfortunately, we've heard of this medical experts.

If a biopsy patient in my office is like an odor, I can not eat a tumor if I do not know the tumor I say. The word "cancer" is not enough. There are a number of different kinds of treatments that you should treat, and you should know all the details about the precautionary measures. When I say that I have biopsy, I often get the question, is not it scattered?

Answer: No, it will not be scattered, " Oxygenation explains the importance of organic manure.

What are the effective cancer treatments

Preference also exists in the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. There are still patients who change a doctor's visit and do natural therapies.

"You do not know how many young people die because it chooses the natural method of treatment, and to be honest, alternative treatments are not natural.

The plants are more attractive, the more it is believed. It is very difficult to fight against these prejudices. I say that oncology treatments involving radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are effective.

Cancer is a very violent disease. There is no evidence in medical literature to prove that it is effective, although natural therapies are effective.

They learn and often relate to the adverse effects that can be serious: Hepatitis failure, kidney deficiency. A research published in Medscape shows that natural therapies reduce the survival of cancer patients. Dr. András Patrasulus warned.

The same greetings are related to cancers. These are not scientifically proven, and that is why specialties recommend specialists to receive them. The diet of cancers need to be rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals, olives, fish, and dairy products.

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