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You should know about childhood diseases such as meat, shedding, cough and other infectious diseases

Childhood Diseases School or Kindergarten need to spend their day with children and classmates in class classes. Hence, one of dozens of children will be infected with an infectious disease that causes others to be infected. When children keep some sanitizer, they keep the microbes, bacteria, and viruses away.

If the parents of the parents of their parents start going to their child or school, there is no need for panic.
You should know that childhood diseases are often contagious. Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are transmitted from one patient to another.
But you, parents, schools and kindergartens can resist and prevent disease from childhood.

Similarly, some useful tips for prevention and treatment of childhood diseases.

The most common love affairs of childhood diseases

1. Rojola
In the fifth raptor, the fifth fever will have a fever, and the patient will have red spots with small heads. Rujeola affects the entire body, spreading hands and feet. Each penny disappears every 14 hours. Usually, measles occur in children under the age of three.
As a treatment, it is important to reduce the fluid to control the body's temperature, and then provide a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration. The incubation period lasts from 10 to 15 days.

2. The Ribiola
Ribiolo is one of the most childhood diseases of the clinic, such as measles, but on a low level. Hence, transfer is similar to cuffs, sneezing etc. Generally, the disadvantages of this condition are soft, white and pink shady, initially appear on the face and spread to the body.

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