Sunday , March 26 2023

A SEVERTEST refurbished strategy will be announced on the Investor Day 2018



PAO Severstal, the world's largest vertical mining company, today makes an annual investment day in London. In this program, the renewed strategy of the company will aim to increase its financial results, as well as generate maximum value and income in the shareholders' deposits.

Prior to the meeting, PAO Severstal provides market information with market participants

  • The world's top ABIADA market is seen as steelmaking companies, generating a full positive free cashflow cycle and achieving well-aimed goals.
  • To ensure further growth of indicators, the company has modified the strategy of its proven efficiency and retains its basic attributes and adds new components. The new vision of the company is to become the leader of the future choices of the future metallurgie, customers, employees and partners.
  • We have identified new strategic priorities that can help us get it different from our opponents, that is, great customer experiences, pricing, and new opportunities. These strategic priorities are based on the company's unique corporate culture.

Within the priority of "Best Customer Experience", we intend to offer to our customers all of our target markets.

As part of the "cost-management" priority, our goal is to achieve a significant cost advantage in the construction of basic products when compared to rivals. The part of our "smart caps" aims to achieve this goal, which will reduce costs, including investment in increasing quantity of raw materials and increasing iron production.

Our aim is to use the latest innovative technology and new business models in the market as part of strategic priority "new opportunities".

The next five years (except price / Macro components) allow us to attain a stated financial goal initiated to increase EBITDA annually at 10-15% annually.

The company's financial strategy will be implemented as per the stated objectives:

  1. In 2012 – the company's investment limit was $ 800 million. As stated earlier, we are launching a program to renew the first redistribution capabilities that require significant investment. Our investment program will be $ 1.4 billion in 2019, the bulk of which is development plans (~ 75%). The cost of maintaining current capacity will continue to be $ 358 million in 2019. After 2022, when our major plans are to be implemented, the investment plan will gradually exceed 900 million, and by 2023 will be reduced by 750 million, "Smart CAPS" will continue to be a seamless and IRR should not exceed 20% of our plans. The major investment projects, the effect of EBITDA, and the IRR for each will be presented in the presentation of the financial director of the company.
  2. The company's dividend policy will remain unchanged. However, in order to maximize the assessment for investors, in the period of the intensive phase of investment, dividends will be used to refer to the so-called "free free cash flow" indicator. This means that investments above $ 800 million from the "standard" standard of the previous years would be exempted from computing dividend base.
  3. We aim to maintain the company's comfortable debt: EBITDA's proportionate ratio does not exceed 1.5 times the goal stated.

"As a world leader in efficient, the company is always in the history of meccappetuttunnunt the development of our results, we will search for new growth peayinrukalkkayi and see the great opportunities for us. The economic growth target and critical points of growth up to 10-15% at an annual EBITDA growth strategy rupappetuttiyit Unt. At the same time, we will try to hold the investment approach of the guards. Temporary not affect the growth of the company ", Dividend History" is our capital. It promises to promote, and allows you to create more value for our shareholders. Sevesrral Alexander sevelv company.

The live broadcast of the presentation, with a team of top managers of Sevelest will respond to the above statement in more detail, at 12:00 GMT (15:00 Moscow Time) and will be available at on the website of the company. / eng / ir / cmd /

The PSJ's severest reveals the company's productivity activities, their expected results, economic indicators, economic status, project and development possibilities. There is no faith at the time of publication of this information for future statements. The company has a predictable nature of the statement on the basis of "predictions", "to assert", "to try", "strive", "strive", "consider", other words and phrases, or "negative (positive) forms." Show in advance Statements related to potential hazards inherent instability on public and private inferred. Yathart'thyamakanamennilla and other forward-suggested or inferred goals prastavannalum. Vyatyastamakumenn the actual results of the company's annual report and a warning from the statements of the effect of this delay will only Users. The Company does not guarantee that the results of those statements are prepared in advance, to retain the velippetuttiyittulla of activities, so that they can not estimate the potential for more.


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