Saturday , January 23 2021

An unexpected reason for impotence is revealed: Health

Problems in the personal life of a strong breed cause a common disease

Every fifth person between 40 and 70 years of age
With erectile dysfunction. Until now, the scientists knew very little about the scientists
Reasons for this event. Experts from Exeter University find out
The possibility of a change that threatens the development of diabetes is more likely
Impotence look

With age, men are increasingly at risk
Sexual Problems Causes
Impaired dysfunction poorly understand Through Conflict
Along with this, scientists have just made the Viaggio, which only removes the physical side
Question, but not mentally. Which genes are responsible for impotence?
The early age was also unknown.

Recently, researchers have found a part of DNA
The SIM 1 is located in the "garbage" part of the genome next to the gene, which responds
For the work of male genital organs. The same genes are associated with other diseases –
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

After learning this, scientists decided what is bloated
Dysfunction and Diabetes They analyzed data on the health of 223 thousand men, 6
Thousands of people suffer from intimate life problems.

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As a result, as stated in the published article
The American Journal of Human Genetics, it has been made clear that changes in sim1 genes have increased 20-23% in the risk of impotence. It also led to type 2 diabetes. Probably, this "junk site" influences DNA
Male brain responsible for causing signaling molecules
Creating a body for sex, including blocking the chains of neurons associated with sexual attraction.

So study found that fighting against diabetes
Can help in getting rid of impotence.

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