Wednesday , August 4 2021

Biologists have discovered sugar that kills cancer cells

Menos, one of the options of glucose, not only protects the body from the development of obesity, but it also has anti-cancer properties, slow the development of tumors and increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy. These scientists have written an article in the journal Nature.

"Tumor cells use large amounts of glucose, which can be used to kill cancer. The problem is that healthy sugars are taken by healthy sugars. We have found that cancer cells can not" heajest "menos, which can slow their growth But this does not affect the normal cells, "- told Kevin Ryan of Glasgow University (Scotland).

One of the specifications of cancer cells is that they absorb numerous nutrients and oxygen by using it for their uncontrolled growth and reproduction. In recent years, scientists are actively trying to understand how they manage this, and use this information to create drugs that "crush" cancer cells or prevent their reproduction.

For example, a year ago, a biologist at the Moscow State University found that substances to prevent the entry of oxygen and glucose in cancer cells are better able to cope with the destruction of tumor than traditional chemotherapy, which would harm DNA.

Ryan and his colleagues found a similar "natural" molecule that showed how to influence the development of various types of cancer cells, excluding glucose, for 11 types of glucose and 15 year old girl's bones from highly invasive tumors. .

According to the rule, these cancer cells generally do not react to any kind of new food appearance and continue to break down, absorb oxygen and nutrients. When scientists began to experiment with manoj, sugar changes like glucose, but with different local structures, chemical composition changed the situation.

In the past, this sugar was rarely used as a thick and dietary supplement for those with metabolic disorders, but scientists recently discovered some of Manas's most interesting and unusual properties. In particular, it turned out that it slowed down the development of obesity and its related inflammation, which assumes the body that it lacks regular caloric intake.

Something similar, such as Ryan and his colleagues were found, was happening with cancer cells. When menos appeared in the nutrient medium, their growth was nearly three times lower, and anti-cancer drugs began to beat 10-15% but 30-50% of the tumor cells.

The fact is that the transition from menos "diet" has forced cancer cells to stop the synthesis of specific "life proteins", Beekle-1 molecules, which block the function of genes responsible for self-destruction of cells with damaged DNA and allow them to multiply Giving.

Biologists suggest that, Manaus will act not only on bone tumors but also on other types of cancer, for example, on all types of nodes of colon and racism. Accordingly, its combination with chemotherapy will reduce the amount of toxic substances, and will refine the growth of the tumor taking pure sugar.

At the same time, scientists emphasize that so far it is not necessary to run a pharmacy and buy food supplements in the farm. It is not clear whether safety like treatment is safe and how it will work on a person. You will need to carry out many clinical trials to answer this question, which can take several years.

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