Sunday , May 22 2022

BitCoin will be under $ 5000 in the next six months: RBC Crypto


Expert said that in which case the costs of crypticurrency will decrease and below $ 3000

In the next 3-6 months, the bitcoin will be in the $ 3000- $ 5000 corridor, it thinks Winnie Lingman, head of Civic Blockchain-Startup. CNBC In an interview with, the expert said that in the near future, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is not likely to fall below $ 3,000, because it is "under active purchasing". However, if the recession cycle does not end in the next one or two quarters, this level will not be tolerated and the wealth will drop dramatically.

Ginnyham said that receiving cryptography at this moment is very dangerous, but then this risk can be justified by more profit. It is important to remember that positive development in the near future is highly unlikely, the expert emphasizes.

"Now, in any case, the risk is higher than the probability of a short-term increase. In the future, there will be good opportunities. If you buy a bitcoin for $ 5,700 or $ 6,000, you might have to pay a small amount, but the risks associated with this fact are that the cryptuctority The levels will rise and rise again, "said the head of the Stewup Civic.

He explained that the current situation in the industry was due to the wrong investor's expectations. Someone has purchased cryptography as a tool of accumulation, others see it as a payment network that can compete with mastercards and visas. In February, Linghum predicted a fall in the value of bitcoin, which would cause panic in the market.

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