Sunday , September 25 2022

Charlie Lee has invested in a hardware Bitcoin node Casa manufacturer


Litecoin cryptocurrency maker Charlie Lee said he has invested in American company Casa. The latter is known as the developer of a multi-signature scheme, which requires signing tools on three hardware devices, a keymaster key manager, as well as a hardware bitcoin node with support for Lightning Network.

According to Charlie Lee, what Casa does is very important to the entire cryptocurrency industry, and he experiences the same experiences today as it did in 2013, when he became the third Coinbase Exchange employee.

The statement made in response to the company's message of inviting Charlie Lee to Microsoft .Fate's former engineer and tableau software, as well as Seattle Bitcoin Meetup organizer, Brian Larhart, is a Casa investor. At Casa Lockhart, he was appointed head of product development and botion.

Recall that in July, Casa developers introduced the Mobile App Sets app, which makes it easy to manage Lightning Node.

Earlier this month, Charlie Lee ranked second in the crypto industry's most influential people rankings, only to lose the first line to the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.

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