Monday , September 27 2021

"Crazy": American journalist appreciated the Russian chemical weapons TMS-65U


The special machine set up by the turbojat engine TMC-65U can be used to make a smoke screen and also to handle large military equipment and entire areas.

The American newspaper is watching the video of The Radio, Chemical and Biological Protection, on the annual video released by the Russian Federation's Defense Ministry. This year it is 100 years old. Several cars have appeared in the Department of Defense, but the TMS. Special attention has been made to the 65U. They gained the word "madman" from journalists.

The creator of the material, Joseph Trevthick, calls TMS-65U the tool of one of the most extraordinary devices he has ever seen. The VK-1 turbo engine that was used on MiG 15, MiG 17 fighter and Uli 28 bomber hubs has been placed on the charging site of URALS-375.

Therefore, this tool can be successfully used to set up smoke screens with heavy military equipment and equipment, minimal buildings, gas, gas and drops, and heavy elements. The writer is called this mad madman.

"The most unusual sample of video equipment is a jet engine built on the back of the TMS-65U truck, which uses powerful TMS-65U to build powerful chemicals and build chemical weapons to conceal the forces of war," says The Drive.

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