Monday , June 5 2023

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On November 10, Michael Ephremov celebrates his 55th birthday. A member of the Advisory Committee on the Development and Information Society of Duma Vadim Mankiyan of the State Government,

The hero of the day was a social worker. Alcohol problems are indicative of alcoholism.

"I hope you liked my congratulations on the anniversary … Oh, yes, today if you do not drink too much … just like your heart … I'll raise a cup with my friends today, for your health "He said.

Manukyan Efremov wishes professional success. "From the new creative victories in your hands," 12 "I waited for the whole crew of the film, Nikita Mikhalkov, this policy is a dirty business," said the social worker.

This is not the casts of the first human being of the actor. Earlier, General Mikhail Efemevaev held discussions with society for the humiliating statement of Russia from the position of Honorary Artist. Many Russians took the initiative. Some have suggested to ignore his citizenship artist for a clear conscience towards Ukraine.

The scandal erupted after the Michael Efremo tour. Artist Andrey Orlove, a poet known as Orleia, went to appease the Ukrainians with poems and documents on terror in the USSR and Russia. In an interview, Efremov said that the "communist world" in Russia ended. However, in his view, it was no longer the last one. Because the other – the empire.

"Phantom Pain," – the actor realized. These words, along with the concert program organized by audiences in Ukraine, made the impression that the actor went abroad to fill the mud in the mundari.

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