Saturday , February 4 2023

Fire in Magnitogorsk city fires: Accidents: Russia:


City fires fire in Magnigorsk (Chelyabinsk region). Interfax writes about this region in reference to RF's EmirCom directorate for this region.

Fire, 57, came in the middle city fair on Garaznoova Street. "Fear of spreading. Declared order [сложности] "Fire No. 3", "The report says. Information entered into the fire department at 02:16 (00:16 Moscow time). 58 Firefighters are working on the site.

According to the publication of Magcity 74, fire was spread after the festive concert in honor of the city's 90th anniversary. The pavilions and stalls made for the event are burning at the fair.

Later, the Emergency Ministry made it clear that the fire was located in the area of ​​2,300 square meters. According to the preliminary data, there are no dead and not injured, there is no risk to the environment.

Third-order fire surveillance indicates that the fire report has been confirmed, the situation is considered to be complicated, and additional forces have been requested. Large areas of burning, lack of forces and remedies, shortage of water sources, additional fireman units.

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