Saturday , June 19 2021

Henry answered questions from Monaco fans about the Russian team

Midfielder "Monaco", the Russian national team Alexander Golovin The recovery continues after injuries. Today, the football player clubs on TV channel and answers the questions of fans.

– What contemporary prototypes are contemporary?
– Messi. He is an example for everyone to follow. Recently, such as Eder Azar.

– What astonished or wondered in Monaco?
– Wondering here too hot! Then it's that easy.

– How does it work with the epic hero Henry?
– In fact, I am a double inspiration to work in such a coach. I know he is a player, I'd like to be a bit like myself. He is an example of his follow.

Hell is a hit with Monaco and Golovin. The horror continues

The club fell in all ports. This was not the only sporting achievement.

– Do you like local cooking?
– If there are some departures from the team, it's the same as in the Russian football clubs. The nutrition in the athletes is the same.

– What was the shape of the French championship?
– At first it was hard. There are very high speeds, very short time to make decisions. In the first matches, it was very difficult. But after you use it.

What can you do besides football?
– Let me walk, play the computer. I'm going to study French. In this, perhaps, everything.

– Say something in French.
– Alice Monaco. Translation: "Forward," Monaco ".

– What are you calling in the team?
– Just Alex. No more no no no no no no no no no no!

– Your best friend in the team?
– It's no longer time to call the best. Very friendly, there is no problem with communication.

– How is French attitude different from Russia?
– In France, French is very different from Russia.

– Who's the best ball?
– At this level, the stuff of pants, I think everyone can do. Who's the best, I'm not tracking anyway.

– Who's the most interesting in the locker room?
– Resign. He never loses his mouth and speaks a lot. But the team are not stuck – they support the team's right atmosphere.

– Who is the strongest against the opponents?
– Changing it to Monaco, I found it difficult to play against everyone in the Russian championship. Very fast, all players are physically strong, the least time to decide.

Golov is playing well. But monaco is very bad

Russian assistance was given in the Champions League match for Monaco.

Playing computer games?
– Yes, I can list: Dota, CS, WOW, PUBG.

– The best stadium ever played?
– "Looney". Cool, cool stadium.

– What are you connecting in Monaco?
– I've always liked the club, I know that younger players have studied well and are preparing older men for the best clubs. This is the hook most.

– Like music producer?
– No, I'm listening to different music. I'll get some rap, and I can even sneeze. French wrap plays in the locker room.

– How do you feel about your fans?
This is very important when you receive support from your fans. Especially in competitions. It gives you confidence and strength. You know that they trust you, and they support you. I'd like to play more.

– How does League 1 differ from RPL?
– in all measurements. Here the players are physically strong, think faster, and technically improved. Powerful in every aspect. I felt myself, it was difficult to play.

– Is it better to give or help yourself?
– Best score, but I'd always like to give you a help. From childhood, it's the same.

– Favorite food in France?
– Maybe carpaccio.

– Who is the League of Nations?
– Russia hopes.

– The most important thing Henry has already taught?
– I can not tell you the most important thing yet. Now we work in disciplinary and more preventive actions. Because defense is inadequate, it does not matter what will happen to the attack. Now this is the most important thing, I think

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