Wednesday , September 28 2022

Hong Kong Flu is in Ulyanovsk, is ill


As compared to the previous week, ARVi incidents have increased by 30.4%. In just one week, 6844 cases were registered in children under 1444 years of age, of which more than four thousand cases were reported.

Most cases of severe respiratory viral infections were reported in Ulyanovsk, where 5,575 people sought medical assistance. From 19 November to 25 November, 97 patients of ARVI were admitted to the area. Influenza A virus H1N2 (Hong Kong influenza) was found in one patient. I strongly recommend not taking self-medication in the first signs of this disease and contacting medical specialists immediately, – said the head of Regional Health Program, Sergey Penchenko.

To prevent the disease, experts suggest contact with persons with specific signs of respiratory diseases, washing hands with soap and water, and with wet cleaning, air and moist indoor air.

– In our field, pneumonia cases have already been reported. In the regional hospital, currently, 10 people with In-diagnosis of Inpatient treatment. I strongly recommend that if you have a high fever and cough, contact the doctor immediately. Do not treat yourself, do not take medicines on the advice of pharmacies, friends and neighbors' employees. And also strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician – it is noted that the U.O.K.B.B. Head of the Pulmonology Department, Irina Galluschina, noted by the main freelance pulmonologist of Ulinovsk region.

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