Friday , March 31 2023

I'm here, ready to help the national team – Rosicia Gazeta


In the Dziuba national team to compete against Germany, the rehabilitation program remains in Moscow. However, if it does not play in Sweden, it's impossible. With Djibson, midnight at Moscow, he reached the national squad along with Georgian President Skynnikov. But this did not prevent journalists from answering the questions.

Art, what do you think?
Who is the author of: I am alive, and ready to go. If I can, I will help the team.

Did you see the match between Russia and Germany? We failed to score a goal. There are issues with the attack.

Who is the author of: That was the blanket. I saw all the matches of Germany. I was not ready to say we had problems. In principle, it is difficult to play with the German national team. The first half did not succeed, the second was very good. We have a training staff and know that it is the best way to solve it while all is separated. The injured players are a difficult task for a team. This is a problem, but there are reserves. It's a chance for other people to have a rally and stand. This will not happen in Sweden for at least 15-20 minutes. Then you have to draw your line. It's impossible to say it is accurate: it is very dangerous.

Can you say more about your health?
Who is the author of: The sight I saw everywhere I had hurt my knee before. In fact, this is just another egg. There was a lot of pain and agonies in the game called "Akhamat". As a result, it was a knee joint. I'm here, I am 100 percent ready. There will be no excuses. What happens next – we'll see. Now I am full of strength and desire, and coaching staff will decide.

When you recover, there was another opponent in your place – Arh. You and he said the comment. What is your relationship?

Who is the author of: Good. We played for "Spartacus" for a long time. We have been joking, and we have a long time acquainted with each other. Well known. Now I am glad to see him. The football team has been included in the team.

George Schneinakov flew with me. Surely they were astray. Will you say anything?
Who is the author of: A major competition is coming, now it's not a joke. We discussed with him different moments. Urgently called. He came to Basil, came back and had his plans with his family. Without difficulty, but the flight is over. I had everything all right: I know last night that I need a national team. We are not funny now. Let's beat Sweden's national team, and I'll tell you all the bikes.

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