Monday , June 14 2021

In the German competition, evaluate the players of the Russian national team

Sportboards to control the German national team to control Russian national football team players. The club invites everyone. Leipzig will be held on Thursday, November 15. Live Video Broadcast for our Portal Competition, 22.40 Moscow time begins.

You will have the opportunity to vote in the news soon after the final edition!

When evaluating the value of a specific player to the Russian national team in the final result, we suggest that you follow the following set:

7 points – Excellent game

6 points – Great game

5 points – What a game

4 points – Fair game

3 points – Unspired game

2 points – hateful game

1 point – The game is not ready

Thus, each of your votes has a "price" – from 1 to 7 points. The sum of these points divided by the number of votes will give an average score of the match. For example, this will be 5.32. The player in the national team will be his best player in the match, according to weatherbirds.

Players who have spent less than 10 minutes in the field do not pay attention to the effective activities and do not participate in our voting.

All visitors Only once can vote!

Polling will take effect on Friday, November 16.

Friendly match Germany – Russia

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