Friday , January 27 2023

In the United States, Roberts started selling Porsche 911


Duffy's classic car in Car Dealership Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA) began selling Porsche 911, a modified German tuning studio in Strausske. The rare example of local media could not be found.

According to sources, the German studio Straussack has existed since 1971 and offers its own view of Porsche owners on the car's design. It is not known as Rauf or Gabella, but it sells a lot less each once published by it. Especially in the United States

The copies offered for sale attach to the successful combination of the elegant black body with chrome-plated five-spoke wheels, which is called studio masters, add chick in the car. Under the hood, the car 2.7 liter boxer is equipped with "six", which is also increasingly "survived" for up to 100 thousand kilometers, due to the increasing operating temperature (due to the growing operating condition of the 70s in the 70's). However, this frustrating fact makes this "911" more valuable.

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