Sunday , February 28 2021

In the US, 26 million SMS messages were publicly available.

In the United States, due to security violations, the database containing millions of SMS messages appeared on open login and Techranch writes.

Owned by Santiago-based Wokes database in California. After an application in the tesco, the company removed it for open access. By closing, there are 26 million text messages in the database. Since the server's password is not saved, anyone can track it live.

"The technique indicates that the amount of messages processed by the platform between each minute, as shown from the database's visualization, would be higher.

The six-digit code for accessing two-factory verification codes for Google Accounts, the site's booking and other information, published in database messages containing password reset codes for Microsoft accounts.

Each record has been explained in detail in the database, including the recipient's phone number, that Client Voxox said.

The company's chief technical officer, Kevin Hertz, said, "the company is now checking the problem. "

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