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In Ukraine, from the beginning of the year, nine cases of diphtheria were reported.


In Ukraine, from the beginning of the year, nine cases of diphtheria were reported.

Ukraine increases the incidence of diphtheria

The last two cases were recorded during the month. There was no case in Diphtheria at the same time last year.

In ten months of this year, nine cases of diphtheria, a dangerous infectious disease spread through atmospheric infections, have been reported in Ukraine. On Monday, November 26th, the Ministry of Health's press service.

"For the 10 months of 2018, 17 cases of diphtheria cases (three children and six adult people) and Titans (five children and 12 adults) were reported. The only reliable defense vaccination against these diseases is," the Health Ministry said. Said.

The ministry has noted that vaccination against Diphtheria and Titans is not only recommended for children but also for adults. Periodically, the vaccine needs to be updated, because immunity against these diseases only lasts for 10 years.

Diphtheria is a severe infectious disease that is broadcast by airborne tips. When diphtheria enters the bacterial respiratory system, it produces poison that inhibits protein synthesis in the cells, resulting in heavy operational and structural changes, sometimes incompatible with life.

Tetanus is a disease that is spread through contact with the bacteria clostridium titan spores, which live in the soil of animal land and intestinal tract. As a result of animal bites or sharp injuries, wooden pieces, if you get trapped in dirt or dust in the dust, you can get infected with Tetanus.

According to the report, there were seven cases of Diphtheria in Ukraine a month ago.

It was also noted that due to violations of legal requirements in Ukraine, in Ukraine, vaccines, hopping shoulders, and polio bans were prohibited for the drug, sale, storage and use of pentacum, prevention of diphtheria and tetanus.

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