Sunday , August 1 2021

Journalists photographed a link and company crossover made on the Volvo platform

Chinese company Link and Company, founded by Galley and Volvo, will soon leave the crossover. In total, the manufacturer plans to release three models, it has two crossroads and sedans. Photospies filmed a scientific prototype.
Models have been assigned factory indices: A model with the index of 01, 02, 03. 01 has come into view. Cars have been taken into account by detecting photos of Motor 1. Experts believe that we're talking about crossover, the car was brought to the road tests. It's a car segment SUV, pictures let you get acquainted with the body's design. The roof of the car has a sloping shape, the back of the body is narrowed. There is two round exhaust pipe system under bumper. Body design features decorative elements painted in matte blacks, which include side pillars and the rear view mirrors below. Crossover is designed in Sweden, it has been built on Volvo's modular platform. The model will be produced in China and Belgium.

Opening a pre-order on the car, for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, the manufacturer got six thousand requests. In the short term, SUV segment cars will be sold in the European market. The first copies of the crossover will be on sale in 2020. For Europe, cars will start with Hybrid Power Plant.

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