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"Kremlin's new weapon": Zakhrova condemned the mistake of Poroshenko

Moscow, 25 November – RIA News. Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakhrova praised the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko after the publication of "Hybrid" on Typo, published on her Facebook page.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Archbishop of Arc de Triomphe, Paris, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. November 11, 2018
Poroshenko answered the handshake's question with Trump

We are talking about a record in which the head of state accused Ukraine of running a "hydride" war against Ukraine.

"The Russian Federation's hydride war against Ukraine is not only an invasion of trained militants in the campus of the Army, the invasion of army forces in the front and not in the front." It is Ukraine's weakness within the fifth column, whose formula is "Treasury." The leader of Ukraine wrote that everything was lost .

Khmelnitsky Region Pure Sky-2012 during a joint operation center visit to Petro Poroshenko Joint Venture Archive Photo
Petro Poroshenko threatened Russia with Ukrainian aviation

Zakharova joked in return that Kremlin had a "new weapon" in the form of Hydra.

"Congratulations. Now Russia will run a hydride war against Ukraine, not hybrid. Is Hydra new" weapon of Kremlin "?" – Diplomat noted.

She also caught Paposhenko in hypocrisy, pointing to the statement, "Everything that just thinks that" everything is lost "is a betrayal."

"Poroshenko has not lost anything, he adds only individually, because for which the hydride war and his mother are," a foreign ministry spokesman said.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Archive Photo
Why call: Russia has fooled the prospect of Poroshenko

In a comment on post mortgages, a social network user has noted that the word "ground soldiers" of Poroshenko was written not in Ukrainian but in English.

"In this step, apparently, there is no word" ground soldiers "- said George Weich.

"I have forgotten," the diplomat suggested.

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