Monday , January 25 2021

Love photo Sowchalk and Vittorgan became bogus

Vitogon unfortunately loses social networks and wants to fall in love

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Photo from the beach published by Maxim Vitogan, on which he passionately kissed his wife Kensia Sobachak, she became a fake. More precisely, the picture is real, only it was built in 2014 – when on the holiday in the Maldives. Sobchak is there again, but not Vitagon. Passionate photography provokes fans of the star couple, who had already decided that they are related to settlement and treason – if there were – in the past. The couple does not start the New Year together: it is on the islands, it is in cold Moscow.

Love photo Sowchalk and Vittorgan became bogus


The photo released by Vitovan was similar to those pictures which appeared in its Instagram account four years ago. On archive photos, husbands have similar clothes in this photo.

The next day, Sobchalka began uploading photos of Maldives, in which they must "release the past." She has said with the help of hashtags, where she is – in a famous hotel complex. After some time, a post with a geographic location was posted to her husband. And signed: "Double to".


Actor members immediately considered incompatibility. The fact is that before this publication, both Sovacak and Vitton had put up advertising posts in which they said that they had taken advantage of the services. After publishing, the husband and wife flew to rest on different planes. Wonder, but you never know … and just four years ago very loyal fans were very upset to change the tap again, and make sure the photo posted by Vitovagan is really fake.

The actor himself was inspired by the miracle of the person who did not continue to deceive the audience. I posted new photos from Moscow. It has a sad description.

In an image of a snowy Moscow courtyard, comment says, "Feelings are nothing, choice is everything. However, it is very pleasurable to feel sweet and sweet to fill someone's face."

And a complete fresh photo – for those who "caught the secret" with a beach snapshot: "Fan of the genre" Instagram thrashed – Many ideas "This is Nicaragua. 2013. Backstroke swimming seminar. Just now."

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